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Everything is a Migration: Putting Evolutionary Architecture into Practice

LeadDev NYC 2023 · Mar 15, 2023

The Evolutionary Architecture literature teaches us that everything in software engineering exists in an ever changing, “dynamic equilibrium.” As engineering leaders, what do we do with this? How can we be successful in an environment that is unlikely to remain in a steady state for long?

Through personal stories about managing large and small-scale migrations, I talk about observations I've made and techniques I"ve used to evolve systems over time. I also explore the idea that we can model and de-risk change by thinking of everything as a migration from a current state to a desired state and what that means for our architecture and teams.

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Building the Right Island: What Should I Be Doing Right Now?

Deserted Island DevOps · Sep 27, 2022

What does software engineering and Animal Crossing have in common? Building happens in real time, so you need to be strategic in how you allocate your time. Should I be planting apple trees, or selling turnips? Should I be cost-optimizing these databases, or replacing that legacy infrastructure? This talk presents some strategies to set your engineering team up for success in a world where your time is as valuable as a gold nugget.

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